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Eugenia Talent Recruitment is a Portuguese recruitment agency, that was born after years of experience in the recruitment field by the hand of Republica 45.

Specializing in the recruitment of international profiles, we represent the link between talent and employers. Our service is personalized, as we are not a job board: we offer customized recruitment solutions.
We partner with many companies worldwide. Through our partnerships, we make sure we are able to do what we love the most:

Contribute to a globalized world where opportunities are endless, make sure we connect the right talent to the right position, and take care of all the parties involved by delivering a genuine service.

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Attracting the right multilingual talent can be challenging. There is one thing we are certain of: the people you bring onboard definitely make the difference. Our mission is to recruit the best talent for your open positions, while keeping in mind what we believe is most important: your values, culture and objectives.

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We are open to understanding your needs and expectations and we are ready to help you take a step forward. Every great story begins with a first contact. We invite you to reach out to us, to know more about our career opportunities. Dare to think global! We are looking for talent like yours!

Why us?


                                     Coline N., French-Canadian candidate

“We are happy to say Eugenia has exceeded our expectations”

We decided to start working with Eugenia talent after some bad experiences in hiring staff for HAAN.
We are happy to say Eugenia has exceeded our expectations thanks to its effective and fast selection processes. Our team and talent is definitely HAAN’s most precious asset and we can say Eugenia is in great part responsible for this.

Paola S.

“I truly trust Eugenia to find the best talent for my team”

Our customer engagement starts with our Ladies and Gentlemen. They are the ones to fulfill and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations. I truly trust Eugenia to find the best talent for my team: they not only look for skills and experience, but also make sure the candidates are a natural fit for our company culture and values.

Gemma L.

“The team was always very attentive to my needs”

The team was always very attentive to my needs, responded quickly to all of my doubts, and helped me with all the questions I had regarding the interviews. What I liked the most, is that Eugenia Talent looked for the offers that were truly adapted to my needs and expectations. If I am ever in need of finding another position, I will contact you again!

Nuria G.,
Spanish candidate