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you looking

The future of your company matters to us. If you are in need of qualified, determined, proactive and multilingual talent, we are here to help you.

Eugenia Talent Recruitment wants to offer you a customized service to solve your recruitment challenges.

You make the hire. We make it simple.

We will be strong
brand ambassadors

Attracting talent with the right experience and qualifications is a great part of the recruitment process. However, it is very important for us that you can see us as brand ambassadors rather than just service providers.
We invest time to know your organization values, culture and requirements in order to discover the best talent for your needs.

Why us?

Our service is completely tailored to your needs

We have the means of a digital marketing company that stands with us

We have the expertise of our recruiters that will filter and select the best profiles for your vacancies

You will have our support and rapidly respond to you when needed

We understand sometimes time is of essence, and we make sure we can provide to you in a timely manner

Our fees are adapted to each clients’ needs and there are no surprises

Our services


Are you looking for multilingual profiles? Is there any vacancy in specific that is challenging to cover?

We search for motivated talent with a specific language, experience and skill set for you.
We understand your challenge, and we are looking forward to stepping in.

Executive Search

We truly understand that the recruitment of senior experts is crucial for your company’s success.

Finding the right talent is fundamental and sometimes very difficult.

Let us discover them for you.


Are you in need of a skilled recruiter to bring onboard based on specific demand?

We are ready to step in!
Have your own trained recruiter to solve specific challenges based on your own needs

Our recruiting methods

Job Fairs

University Webinars

Virtual Fairs

Digital Marketing

We are experts in the creation of qualified leads, as we have the support of an expert digital marketing company beside us.

Worldwide Universities & Expats Associations

We collaborate with worldwide universities, and we have access to a diverse alumni databas. We are also part of expats associations.

Internal data base

We have a strong internal database of talent ready to start applying. We know our talent, and we make sure we can connect them to the right employer.

Areas of expertise

Customer Service

Hospitality &

Sales &

Executive Search




Human Resources