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General Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Data Protection (GDPR)

These statements regulate the general terms and conditions of a candidate’s access and use of the Eugenia Talent Recruitment website and its services.

The purpose of Eugenia Talent Recruitment is to act as a link between Employers and Candidates in order to connect them and generate new hires. Through its services, Eugenia Talent Recruitment wishes to act as a provider of employment opportunities for candidates to find a suitable job position.

The candidate can share its personal information through filling in the registration form requested through the website. Candidate is then requested to agree to the company’s GDPR policies.



In compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016, concerning the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data, which repeals Directive 95 / 46 / CE (hereinafter, GDPR), of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on services of the information society and electronic commerce and of Organic Law 3/2018 , Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights, Eugenia Talent Recruitment guarantees the protection and confidentiality of personal data, of any kind provided by our customers, in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulations of Personal data protection.

Republica Talent Recrutiment Lda. (hereinafter, Eugenia Talent Recruitment or ETR) with NIPC 516203444 and registered office in Av. da República 45, 1050-187 Lisboa, Portugal, that provides its services through the Internet on the website www.eugeniatalent.com.

For inquiries, suggestions or complaints Eugenia Talent Recruitment representatives may be contacted in the following email address: contact@eugeniatalent.com



Republica Talent Recruitment, LDA., based in Lisbon, Portugal, is a training and career development organization for the international hospitality, service and digital industry, hereinafter referred to as Eugenia Talent Recruitment.

TALENT(S), anyone who contacts Eugenia Talent Recruitment for the training and career development services Eugenia Talent Recruitment offers, hereinafter referred to as TALENT(S)

EMPLOYERS(S), clients of Eugenia Talent Recruitment who outsource their recruitment activities to Eugenia Talent Recruitment, hereinafter referred to as EMPLOYER(S)

JOB POSITION (S), the position, job, placement, training program, or any other type of employment or training at EMPLOYER, hereinafter referred to as VACANCY/VACANCIES

PLACEMENT (S) the act of being placed by Eugenia Talent Recrutiment in an EMPLOYER’s VACANCY.

SERVICE(S), all acts performed by Eugenia Talent Recruitment on behalf of the TALENT

Eugenia Talent Recruitment handles personal data provided by TALENT or EMPLOYERS (hereinafter called: “Personal Data”), to be able to advise and assist TALENT in the field of TALENT’S career, and assist EMPLOYERS find TALENT for the designated and shared vacancy. including the act of finding a new PLACEMENT. TALENT’S data may be internally linked to one or several PLACEMENTS by Eugenia Talent Recruitment’s recruitment services.



Eugenia Talent Recruitment admits no liability for being unable to find a suitable PLACEMENT for the TALENT. Eugenia Talent Recruitment admits no liability for damages incurred before, in the course of, or after the PLACEMENT. Eugenia Talent Recruitment cannot and will not admit any responsibility for either the nature, length and/or contents of the agreed upon PLACEMENT, and does not have any effects or control over the determinations made by the EMPLOYER regarding these matters. Eugenia Talent Recruitment, is compelled to arrange the PLACEMENT and all related items to the best extent of its possibilities and in the TALENT’s best interest.



TALENT agrees to the terms and conditions as outlined in this document.

Both provisions and information stated on this website can be accessed by the user who will use the contents following the applicable law and the following statements in this GDPR. Under no circumstance will any user use the information found on this website for ilegal activities, harmful acts or against the interests of the services and activity of Eugenia Talent Recruitment.



You have the option of submitting your CV and personal information either via website ,or through direct email. Although your data will be provided online, it will only be accessible by Eugenia Talent Recruitment career specialists who will make use of the information with your authorization,and will share the data to promote your profile to the potential EMPLOYERS. Your information can be updated at any time, by notifying through an email to contact@eugeniatalent.com.

Eugenia Talent Recruitment will not share, sell or use any type of information that is sent by either TALENT or EMPLOYERS for commercial purposes.


5.1. Usage of Data and services:

Eugenia Talent Recruitment takes TALENT’S data protection and privacy very seriously and will process, save and use TALENT’S data in a guarded way.

Purpose of collecting TALENT’S data

• To be able to provide the SERVICE to TALENT; to apply for specific vacancies or subscribe to our job alerts.

• To direct TALENT information on the SERVICES and PLACEMENT opportunities of Eugenia Talent Recruitment itself; To send relevant information such as market news or invitations to our recruitment events.

• To provide TALENT’S information to third parties based on the Data Usage (Found on 5.2).

• To match CANDIDATE’S profile to our existent vacancies, assisting us to find you a vacancy that is suitable for the profile.

• We may also request your personal data for other purposes such as for background checks or for marketing purposes.

By sharing your information with us you will be able to:

• Check our available job positions and vacancies

• Participate in our recruitment events

• Receive relevant information by email or phone

• Be referred to employers that are Eugenia Talent Recruitment’s partners

• Receive Job Alerts that match your interests


5.2. Data Management:

By signing this agreement, TALENT is allowing explicitly Eugenia Talent Recruitment, to provide this third parties such as: EMPLOYERS, IT Collaborators, Payment Services; with TALENT’S Personal Data. Eugenia Talent Recruitment will only provide third parties with TALENT’S data for the purpose of providing the SERVICE to TALENT. Eugenia Talent Recruitment can also provide TALENT’S data to third parties if this is required on the basis of legal provisions, such as a result of a trial, when it is considered necessary to protect one’s own rights.

Eugenia Talent Recruitment will keep the Personal Data during the application process, duration of the program, and up to 48 months after the duration of the program. However, TALENT can remove TALENT’S data at any time by having data eliminated by Eugenia Talent Recruitment upon one single request.

If TALENT still has questions about this Privacy Statement, TALENT can always contact Eugenia Talent Recruitment by sending an e-mail to contact@eugeniatalent.com.


5.3 Access to your Personal Data:

It is your right to request at any time, the information provided by you that we possess. Eugenia Talent Recruitment will provide this information as soon as your request is received. You also have the right to request Eugenia Talent Recruitment to remove your information from its database at any time.



In order to receive PLACEMENT opportunities, you must register on the Eugenia Talent Recruitment website or contact us directly at contact@eugeniatalent.com. TALENT must guarantee that the information provided on registration or at any time are accurate and truthful.

• If any mistakes or alterations are made during the registration or selection process, you may inform us immediately at contact@eugeniatalent.com so that we can correct it accordingly.

• Should you decide that you no longer wish to receive further information on SERVICES, feel free to notify us by sending an email to contact@eugeniatalent.com.



Eugenia Talent Recruitment has no representation in regards of the following:

• The availability of participation in any event advertised online by Eugenia Talent Recruitment;

• The assurance that an EMPLOYER in specific will recruit you;

• The responsibility that the EMPLOYER to keep confidential any of your information or data provided;

• The final terms of the PLACEMENT obtained through the Eugenia Talent Recruitment



Eugenia Talent Recruitment is not responsible for the privacy and data usage policies of any third party, even if the link or reference has been provided by Eugenia Talent Recruitment representatives, social media content or website. We advise you to revise the privacy and data usage policies of any third party carefully.



These General Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Data Protection (GDPR) are subject to the laws of Portugal. Eugenia Talent Recruitment will try to solve any disagreements quickly and efficiently. If any party want to take court proceedings, this must be done within Portugal.



Eugenia Talent Recuritment is under no circumstance responsible for any mistakes or omissions in the content of its website, or for any damages arising from use of the same. Eugenia Talent Recruitment uses truthful information compiled and presented in the form of content. Content is provided purely for information and TALENT is advised to look for further assistance directly with the career specialists before depending on content.

Eugenia Talent Recruitment is owned and operated by Republica Talent Recruitment, Lda.

If you have any queries, please contact us at contact@eugeniatalent.com.



By agreeing to this Terms and Conditions, the candidate accepts that he/she has read and understood this policy and gives his/her consent to the processing of his/her personal data in accordance with the services provided by Eugenia Talent Recruitment.


Thank you,
Eugenia Talent Recruitment